Although Alistair Overeem is coming off a shocking, knockout loss at the massive hands of “Bigfoot” Silva, “The Demolition Man” remains one of the UFC’s most experienced and decorated heavyweights. As a result, there’s little doubt that when Travis Browne throws down with him tonight, it’s going to be the biggest fight of “Hapa’s” life.

Heading into the event, Overeem has been pretty respectful of Browne’s skills and abilities, and considering what the rising star has done in the cage it’s no surprise. One area Overeem believes he has a clear advantage, however, is in terms of experience. When you consider the former K-1 champ has nearly 50 fights compared to Browne’s 16, you can understand why he feels that way.

While speaking on a recent media call to promote UFC Fight Night 26, here’s some of what Browne had to say about Overeem’s assessment (comments thanks to MMA

“On paper it makes sense, but I’ve been fighting with guys that have three times as much experience as I do my entire career,” said Browne.

“We’ll see on Saturday. Unless he throws something at me that I’ve never seen before, I’m not too sure that experience is really going to be the X-factor in the fight,”

“I’ve had to learn fast. I’ve kind of come up the hard way in this sport and just a sense of my training partners and my coaches and that’s been something that I’ve been having to deal with since day one.”

We will all find out soon enough. Stay tuned to Caged for all your UFC Fight Night 26 news and coverage.