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I have always been somewhat curious as to what Brock Lesnar’s “sword” tattoo meant. I defiantly think there is some not-so-subtle phallic  undertones to it, I mean really, who actually carries a sword with a rounded tip? Anyways, I did some research to see what others thought of the tat and here’s what I came up with;

Someone from WikiAnswers says;

“It means he is a closet homosexual. You see Brock Lesnar knows that entering into a homosexual relationship may hurt his career. In order to satisfy his lust for penis he had a large vieny one permanently inked between his cleavage. ”

Cagepotato’s article on the 12 Worst Tattoo’s in MMA says;

“If he wanted something ‘subtly phallic’, he failed. This is in-your-face and it runs smack down the middle of his torso. It’s annoying enough that he’s riding so much hype, but now we have to deal with seeing this thing everytime he’s in the cage.”

And my favorite one of all is a small article written by Red Queen of The Wrestling Industry Times as Brock Lesnar;

By Brock Lesnar

More than smooth pick up lines or even penis size, a chest tattoo will get a hot chick’s motor running and you gettin’ some major action!

Check it out: this sword on my huge pecs looks like it was totally made from steel, man! I showed it to the girls down at the bar the other night, and they could barely contain themselves! One of them even called over her friends to have a look at the Brock and I can still remember her words: “Oh my God, Amy! You have GOT to be kidding me!” When I told that babe that it was for real, she and her amigas doubled over in what surely was an effort to conceal the fact that their panties were getting wetter by the second. I could so tell by their grins and looks of elation that they wanted to go for a ride. See? Nothing beats having that tat.

Girls like a guy who looks dangerous, like he’s been in prison or something. A chest tattoo would totally give you that look. You should go for something wicked or gnarly like a skull, or a cross, or a sword–but not too much like mine, you don’t want the ladies thinkin’ that you’re ripping off old Brock here. Maybe a heart with a sword through it, like Scott Steiner has. He gets some major tail too, why else would they call him “Freakzilla?” It’s because that tattoo is bitchin’. Hey, if you’re like Mexican or something, you should totally get the Virgin Mary tattooed on your chest to totally represent la raza!

Just remember that when you’re making your plans, do it at one of the quality shops in America that does a lot of skulls and roses and junk–don’t bother with those shops that custom design their shit or do those wierd-looking symbolic junk. That shit’s for hippies and queers, and you might get AIDS. A parlor where a lot of Navy guys go to get their drama mask skulls done is bound to be clean ’cause those guys ain’t homos like you have in the city; so clean, that you don’t have to worry about those dudes sterilizing their needles.

So why aren’t you running out the door yet? Get the tattoo dude, and tell the ladies that you got it while you were up the river; that’ll give you even more of an edge. And when you’ve got them right where you want ‘em, just tell them here comes the hard time!


So what do you guys think? Did Brock really want a huge penis on his chest or did the artist just screw the poor guy over?