Something doesn’t add-up. Rumors are bubbling throughout the net that the UFC’s biggest pay-per-view draw, Brock Lesnar is currently in Miami, FL for today’s (Apr. 1) Wrestlemania event. Not only that- the rumor suggests that Lesnar has already signed a 1-year contract re-joning the WWE organization. In the past President White was quick to say Lesnar may have retired, but is still under an exclusive contract with Zuffa and prohibited from competing in his original home of the WWE.

When UFC president Dana White was questioned about the change of heart, he simply told Ariel Helwani that he wasn’t aware of the news, but if true, is ‘okay’ with it. April fools talk? Would Dana White really let his biggest pay-per-view star just switch teams in the middle of contract? Maybe. Perhaps Lesnar had an exit clause that allowed such a transfer. Maybe Lesnar and White came to a friendly agreement for the change of promotion? Maybe the rumors are all untrue. Either way it’s April fools so stay on your toes.