UFC president Dana White finally – hopefully – put to rest any rumors of a return to the Octagon by Brock Lesnar over the weekend.

Lesnar’s name has been floating around for several weeks now, but White squashed any talk of that happening.

“Brock Lesnar is not coming back,” he said, during the post-fight press conference. “We don’t have a deal. He’s not coming back anytime soon.”

Even in that statement, White left a glimmer of hope for a return down the road.

Currently, Lesnar is signed to a deal with the WWE and is expected to remain there. White did add that Lesnar was disappointed in how he performed during his run with the company after returning from illness.

Should Lesnar come back, or has the sport passed him by? He was already looking like a shell of his former self prior to leaving for a return to pro wrestling.