Brock Lesnar retires following a loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141. Brock Lesnar tells Joe Rogan in his post-fight interview that he will no longer be stepping in the octagon as he will be retiring to spend more time with his family in Minnesota.

“I’m going to officially say tonight is the last time you will see me in the Octagon,” said Lesnar. “I want to thank everybody. The Ferttitas, Dana White. Brock Lesnar is officially retiring, I promised my wife and kids. If I won this fight that I would get at a title fight and that would be my last fight. But if I lost this fight. Everyone you’ve been great, it’s been a pleasure.”

Brock Lesnar’s retirement news comes after a short eight-fight career at 5-3 that spanned from Jan. 2007 to Dec. 30 2011. Lesnar has reportedly already made millions in pay along with a likely huge payout as Lesnar negotiated a pay-per-view profit share. Lesnar known for his WWE career and short lived NFL career on the Minnesota Vikings from 2004 to 2005.

Though Lesar had said it was not related, in Oct. of 2009 the UFC announced that Lesnar would be removed from his UFC 106 bout against Shane Carwin due to a serious illness. It was later discovered that Lesnar had suffered life-threatening intestinal disease, diverticulitis.  Rushed to a medical office in Canada where he was hunting. A year later on Lesnar’s attempted return he suffered the returning symptoms with Mononucleosis. Over a foot of Lesnar’s intestines would need to be removed for Lesnar to recover.