The rumors have once again proven to be true. Former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar has returned to his original home of the WWE. The crowd exploded with excitement as the wrestling superstar walked out into the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL for ‘Monday Night Raw.’ Lesnar performed his infamous “F5” wrestling finishing move to mark his return.

It was UFC 141 on Dec. 30 when we last saw Brock Lesnar in the octagon as he retired from mixed martial arts after suffering a TKO loss that started from a barrage of knees to the mid-section by K-1 level striker, Alistair Overeem. The assumption has been that Lesnar had retired due to his struggle with a life threatening case of diverticulitis – an infectious disease involving the colon. Lesnar however did not seem in any pain as he lifted fellow WWE star John Cena over his head and tossed him to the canvas. UFC president Dana White had this to say on the matter.

Are you guys smoking crack!? Brock is retired and can do WWE! I have said in a million interviews HE CAN DO WWE.

Sorry I wrote it twice. Not very good with the I phone. All the crazy shit that was said was all April Fools bullshit! This day is always a pain in the ass. Everyone asking me if all this crazy shit is true. The Rock is a friend who always supports the UFC and I supported his event tonight. As far as Brock goes, he has always been great with us and if he cut a deal with Vince for WWE I am happy for him.