The WWE knows how to market. As Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE, we began to hear of the promotion using Lesnar’s recent UFC stint in the storyline of the show. Lesnar was quoted, bragging to the WWE crowd how he had became the UFC champion in a short period. Now the WWE organization looks to be upping the UFC angle to full throttle. Check out Brock in his latest promo pics (above and below) for his upcoming “Extreme Rules” fight against John Cena on April 29.

Lesnar is in unbranded MMA gloves and out of the spandex with his original UFC shorts on, still carrying the Jack Links sponsors. Lesnar’s recent line on Monday Night Raw seemed to insinuate that he is making WWE ‘real.’

“There’s nothing about Brock Lesnar that’s fake. This is real. This is not a wrestling match.”

The quote was then followed by footage of Lesnar training in his death clutch facility, which may likely be the same footage we had seen during Lesnar’s UFC Primetime feature. According to recent ratings, WWE has been on the rise with the return of Lesnar, well the UFC has taken a dip in its recent hiatus from big events. Wouldn’t be surprised if the WWE started calling their big events pay-per-Brock.