Brock Lesnar’s trainer Greg Nelson, says he has no doubts that Brock will be back, he is just not sure when.

Nelson told ESPN’s “MMA Live” on Thursday that; “Brock Lesnar is definitely coming back to fight. He’s just kind of coming up slowly, trying to get his body ready and being smart with his recovery.”

Earlier this week Dana White said UFC planned to hold a press conference sometime next week in Las Vegas, with Lesnar in attendance. Details have not been released as of yet, and Nelson has no more info to offer.

“That’s the surprise for everybody,” Nelson told “MMA Live.”. “I’m not sure what he’s going to say or what the expectations are at this point.”

Lesnar hasn’t personally publicly commented on his health situation, letting his the UFC and his trainers give the updates.

“He really likes his privacy and spending time with his family,” said Nelson, “and once he’s not training, he’s spending 100 percent of his quality time with his family, especially his new son.”

Nelson says he thinks Lesnar will bounce back quickly once he starts his training again;

“Being the athlete that he is and just a strong, tough guy, he’s used to dealing with adversity and stuff like that, I think he’ll be able to come back faster probably than people expect, but we’re not going to push the river at all,” he said. “We want him to be 100 percent healthy when he begins to train… I’m sure once he gets going he’ll be at the top of his game real quick.”

Let’s keep hoping for the best! More updates as they come in..