Brian Stann; when you hear the name do you think war hero or fighter? Well, according to Stann himself he only wants to be thought of as a fighter. He says, “Those are my private memories. I did it once. It’s out there. I hope it was for the better of the men and women who served, and let it be that.” 

The real turning point for Stann was a recent piece about him for the UFC’s Fuel TV show The Ultimate Insider.

“The director really pushed it to a whole new level. And digging through what they dug through … it was tough. I thought I was just going to be vague and tap-dance around it. I wasn’t prepared for those two days mentally. It was difficult. There’s a lot worse incidents that took place in Iraq for me. But I don’t feel like those necessarily have a big place in my MMA career. I’m once a Marine and always a Marine, and that’s a big part of what defines me. But just particular incidents that have to go through specifics of war, that’s something no one ever wants to share.”

Stann believes that the focus of any interview should not be what happened in the war overseas, but in the war at home. For example, his work with heroes for hire which is a non-profit organization that helps veterans find work. It’s understandable he’s uncomfortable with the length the recent interview went into. Not only did they make Stann relive events from his past military life, but they also brought in people form his platoon that were injured in the various battles.

He is now looking forward to fighting Alessio Sakara and nothing else. Stann is hoping  to reattain the title contender status he had before the Chael Sonnen loss. Currently he says the military past is not part of who he is, “What defines me is being a husband and father. That’s what I’m all about.” 

When he goes into the cage all of that is behind him.“When I fight, there’s no strings attached. I’m going to go out, and if I lose a fight while trying to finish a fight, I can sleep with that.”