During last night’s episode of ‘UFC Tonight‘ on Fuel, Brian Stann made a bold prediction that his last opponent Chael Sonnen would be the next UFC middleweight champion. The war hero was not definitive in his prediction, but seemed to foresee the champ once again being out-grappled by the top contender, just as he had been in their bout in Oct. at UFC 136.

“I think that Chael Sonnen takes it. There are a lot of factors that are going to play into that. Just similar to when I fought Chael, I think he’s particularly a very, very difficult match up for Anderson Silva. Just due to the years and years of difference in grappling and how physical Chael is when he’s on top. We’re going to have to see some new techniques from Anderson that he wasn’t able to showcase in his first fight. But, if Chael performs the way he did against Bisping, he could be in for a long night against Anderson.”

Stann was also questioned if he’d ever like to avenge his loss to Sonnen in the future. That was a definitive yes as Stann does not feel he fought at his best that night.

“Absolutely. I don’t feel like I performed my best. Just when I started to get my timing down against Chael, I made a very big tactical error. Some of the techniques we were working on for that fight, they were still a little bit out of my comfort zone.”