Fighter-turned-color commentator (and he’s a damn good color commentator) Brian Stann went on Sirius-XM radio the other day and dished a little bit about Cris Cyborg. He said she was hard to work with and self-sabotaging, and he laid out a particular UFC event where she wouldn’t meet with him to go over what he could say while on the air.

BloodyElbow went through the legwork of transcribing what Stann said:

She did turn down fights. I know that that did happen. She was hard to work with and did turn down fights. More importantly, there was a time where she decided to lie about her weight and talk about her weight cut. For some reason, she started tweeting out her weight at a current time during her cut; the UFC was able to verify, and they didn’t really go too public with this, but there were some issues there too where she was lying about her weight at the time. I’m not saying she’s 100 percent wrong in some of the things she’s putting out there, but she’s not doing herself any favors on the flip side by being so difficult to work with.

Apparently Cyborg got wind of what Stann said, and replied in kind.

So does this mean there’s a beef between the two, and further down the road there will be a superfight?