His last win in the Octagon came back in 2013, but when all is said and done Brendan Schaub did win more fights than he lost in the UFC, so he’s officially decided to step away from fighting for a while. The reason: He’s making cheddar doing a podcast and other things on the entertainment side, so why jeopardize that?

Here’s FOX Sports with the deets:

“Basically, I don’t want to say anything was planned,” Schaub told FOX Sports on Friday night. “I’d love to fight maybe one more time, but I didn’t plan for this ‘Fighter and the Kid’ stuff to take off like it has … and I landed a big gig on a major network, which I can’t announce yet because we’re still going through negotiations, but I did get the gig and with ‘The Fighter and the Kid’ podcast and now we start shooting in November for ‘The Fighter and the Kid’ video series and the live shows, we’re actually doing a tour now. My first live show was last week at the Brea Improv, which was sold out, and our next one’s sold out in Arizona.”

“I got a call from my manager this morning, Lex McMahon, and he goes ‘Hey the UFC needs you to sign this Reebok thing for your name and likeness and I need you to fill out this paperwork for the drug testing’ and I’ve been tested a million times and never taken anything, but it’s just all that stuff came together and we’ve got to make a move here. He said ‘I know your stance on Reebok’ and I said ‘There’s no way I’m signing that thing. I’m not signing anything’,” Schaub explained.

“He goes ‘Well you’ve got to do something here’ and he said ‘If the UFC offered you a fight right now, what would you do?’ and I said ‘There’s nothing I can do; it doesn’t make sense’. Financially it doesn’t make sense. Logistically it doesn’t make sense. There’s no way I could step away from all the stuff I have going on in entertainment, which was holding things up, because people were worried I was going to jump into camp, so this was the right step. To step away and take a break or whatever you want to call it, take a break from the UFC.”

Not everyone can be a title contender, so if you can parlay anything into a paying gig, heck, that’s a win in my book. Good for you, Schaub. Good for you.