Brendan Schaub pulls the victory over MMA legend Mirko Cro Cop. Brendan Schaub (8-1-0) now carries a four-fight win streak in the Octagon. For those of you unable to catch the fight here is the play-by-play below:

Round One
The two touch gloves and circle. Shaub throws a high kick that does not land. Schaub lands some uppercuts and continues coming forward aggressively. Mirko clinches and gets in two knees. Shaub pushed Mirko against the fence and starts to soften up with some dirty boxing. Ref. Herb Dean stops and gives Schaub a warning for hits to the back of the head. The two come to the center and Schaub completes a takedown. Schaub gets up and is caught on the way up with a up-kick. Schaub dives into full guar where he works to posture up. Schaub posters and lands some big rights to the head on Cro Cop. Mirko gets a switch and stands. Schaub attempts a takedown and stuffed. The two fight for positioning in a clinch as the round winds out. Caged has it 10-9 for Schaub due for the takedown.

Round Two
Schaub comes out swinging haymakers that miss. Cro Cop lands a head kick and Schaub quickly shoots in and gets the takedown. Schaub starts to land from the top and again on the way up for Schaub he is caught with a big up-kick. Cro-Cop is warned by ref. Herb Dean as Schaub was still illegally on the ground. The two stand and Schaub clinches and gets some good knees. Cro Cop gets an elbow in that lands flush and opens Schaub from the nose. Schaub looks to land knee’s in the shins of Cro Cop. Schaub lands some hits to the back of the head and warned. Schaub does again and now Ref. Dean takes a point. Schaub knows to start trying to finish due to the point loss but is unable to land as the round ends.

Round Three
The round starts with Cro Cop landing an inside kick that goes to the groin. Dean resets the two after a rest for the shot. Cro Cop comes aggressively forward and stuffs a takedown and lands a right. Schaub responds with a takedown. Cro Cop gets Schaub off and stands and right away taken down again by Schaub. Schaub moves to half guard and uses head and arm to work to side control and losses it and stands. Cro Cop finds a home for the elbow again. Cro Cop throws a head kick and Schaub blocks. Schaub attempts a takedown and its stuffed. Mirko comes in for a possible head kick and Schaub knocks out Cro Cop cold with a over hand right to the temple.

Official finish of 3:44  in the third.

Schaub has only had one previous loss before this, where he was knocked out by Roy Nelson at UFC: The Ultimate Finale 10 in late December 2009.