In the tiny subculture of top-level MMA fighters who threw away their position and fame for drugs and a fleeting high, Paulo Filho is a trailblazer. After all, he was the king of the WEC’s middleweight division, and was slated to rule the UFC when the latter bought out the former.

But alas, the Brazilian was whacked out of his mind – according to him, on cocaine, but I’ve heard he’s just straight up crazy as well – so when it came time to rematch with Chael Sonnen and cement his position as super stud, that kind of all went down the crapper.

This was years ago, but it’s all relevant to the present day because Tatame stuck a recorder in Filho’s face recently and for some reason asked him to comment on the Jon Jones situation (hat tip to Guilherme Cruz over at MMAFighting).

“Jon Jones has the same disease that I do,” Filho said. “We have a genetic weakness to ingest any substance. You use once and can’t live without. Sooner or later he will use it again.”

Okay buddy, whatever.