In news surprising to absolutely no one, Brazilian wannabe flyweight John Lineker – who’s slated to take on Ian McCall tomorrow night at UFC 183 – failed to make weight. Yet Again. By five whole pounds. This marks the fourth time since signing with the UFC that Lineker has screwed the pooch when stepping on the scale, and this time around, that five pound excess sets a personal record for chubbiness.

Folks, it’s time the UFC cut this dude from the roster. Or at least stop humoring him by letting him sign bout agreements at 125 pounds.

These are the facts:

  • Lineker failed to make weight when taking on Louis Gaudinot at UFC on FOX 3. He also whiffed it against Jose Maria Tome at UFC 163, against Phil Harris at UFC Fight Night 30, and had to step on the scale twice when he took on Ali Bagautinov at UFC 169. THIS DUDE HAS A WEIGHT-CUTTING PROBLEM.
  • The Brazilian has likely kept his job because he’s an exciting fighter, and his division is about as deep as a wading pool.
  • All of his opponents in the UFC took the time and effort to make weight. Again, THE DUDE HAS A WEIGHT-CUTTING PROBLEM.

When it comes to the flyweight division, the UFC is in a tough position because champ Demetrious Johnson can’t quite move the needle in terms of fan interest, and every good champ needs a badass challenger. And Lineker, with his dangerous hands and explosive style, could so be that guy if he could just make the 125-pound cut-off for championship bouts. But in the eight UFC event weigh-ins Lineker has been obligated to take part in, he’s come in fatter than a hippo half the time, and that’s egregious.

It’s time to cut Lineker from the UFC, as he’s now making a mockery of the notion of weight classes.