Long Beach, CA – For the fans that paid to see Nick Diaz in a Jiu-Jitsu match against Braulio Estima this past Saturday at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo, it ended in a last minute disappointment. Expo promoter, Renzo Gracie took to the mic to explain the situation to the local crowd, and pay-per-view buyers. What was said is Nick Diaz had decided to not show up for his scheduled match. Disgruntled fans, many of which wearing Nick Diaz ‘Don’t be scared’ t-shirts, quickly evacuated the convention center as the main event was officially cancelled.

For Nick Diaz’s opponent, Braulio Estima, it was a shocking revelation that angered him to the point of challenging the MMA fighter in his own realm. Estima has never had an official MMA bout, but cites the fact that he is now part of the newly formed Black-Zillian camp, and has been training closely with top MMA talent, such as Rashad Evans, and JZ Cavalcante.

It was unclear to Estima why exactly Nick Diaz did not show up to the charity event, but the rumor from the Diaz camp was that Nick was angered that Estima did not make original weight the day before at 180 lbs. as originally agreed. To this Estima retorts that weigh-ins were optional to day of at 185 lbs., or day before at 180 lbs. The issue was made worse as Nick was reportedly not told of the morning weigh-ins at 185 lbs. Sat. as Cesar Gracie had said that Nick had not shown to weigh-ins because he had already eaten dinner and breakfast.

Update: Nick Diaz’s official Twiiter had this to say Sun. morning on the situation:

“Promoter fails to donate the money to charity as agreed. (shady) Promoter changes rules for weigh ins to accommodate fellow Brazilian
Match ain’t happening”