Recently Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker made an appearance on the MMA Hour and stated that the organization is continuing to communicate with with Dave Bautista about a potential match-up with Bobby Lashley, that is if Bautista ends up getting signed with Strikeforce.

“I know there’s ongoing dialogue between  Rich [Chou] and Bautista, and they are trying to come to an agreement of the minds, but right now Bautista has a couple of movie offers and it’s just tying up his time. Let’s see where it goes from there,” Coker said.

“I think that fight should happen. If we sign Bautista, why not make that fight?”

And what’s to become of Bobby Lashley? Many rumors were going around that he would be leaving the MMA world to continue of with his wrestling after a his majorly disappointing bout with Chad Griggs in August. But Coker says Lashley is here to stay, he just has to work his way up to the top again.

“The thing with Bobby is, he’s a great athlete, he wants to be an MMA fighter, I mean, he is an MMA fighter, don’t get me wrong, but he wants to be at that elite level where he can fight the top guys in the world. But after Chad, he’s going to probably have to take, not a step back, but I would recommend to him to go to Challengers, fight three or four fights, and work your way back up.”

So what do you fans think; will this fight ever happen? And if so, how will it turn out?