Although Bobby Lashley is unsure why he was removed from the Strikeforce:Nashville card on April 17th, the fighter does know he’s trying to make a return on the next major card; Strikeforce:St. Louis in May.

“If Strikeforce had some reason why they pulled me, I’m not going to get upset with them,” Lashley said today. “I’m disappointed that I’m not fighting, yes, because I wanted to fight. If I fought April 17, then I’d be able to plan my next one and maybe pick up another fight in June or in late May. But that’s not the case.”

Lashley posted that he would not be fighting the April 17th card on his Facebook earlier today. Strikeforce officials have yet to comment on the reason why he was removed. Bobby also mentioned that his position on the May 15th card as of yet.

When asked if Strikeforce was having trouble finding him opponents, Lashley answered;

“Possibly, it’s just the right opponent. There’s only a handful of guys that are serious top guys. and I think all those guys are wrapped up in a fight.

“Right now, they’re going around finding guys that are not actually signed with Strikeforce and get these guys in there so I have a fight. So when I do have an opportunity to fight, I’m ready.”

Recently, the fighter opened up an American Top Team affiliated school in Colorado, and stated that he would fight every month if he could.

“I’m playing the catch-up game,” he said. “Some of these guys have 10, 20, 30 fights under their belts. I have a mere five fights. So, of course, any opportunity I have to take a fight, I want to jump on it.”

And although he is a newcomer to the MMA world, Lashley said he’s feeling lots of pressure in all areas of his game.

“It’s not so much that I want to rush it,” Lashley said. “It’s the fans. I’m not saying all the fans; it’s the hardcore fans. They get on the forums and say, ‘Bobby should be fighting Fedor.’ But when Brock got a title shot right away, they got pissed off about it. You can’t please the critics regardless of what you do. So I’m just trying to fast track it a little bit more.”

Lashley is also very aware that he could take a big blow to his fighting, if he gets too much onto his plate. He wants to take it slow and see how it goes.

“I’m not going to make bad decisions because everyone says I should fight this guy or that guy,” Lashley said. “After I’m up there, and I start fighting those guys, the longevity’s going to be there” he said. “Because I’ll have a little less pressure because I’ve been there and done that.”