UFC lightweight contender Bobby Green has seen some intense highs and lows in recent years – but this weekend may be a time everything comes together.

In the cage, Green (pictured to the left in a 2013 bout against Pat Healy) has amassed an eight-fight winning streak. Outside of it, he’s known tragedy.

Earlier this year, Green, who faces Edson Barboza in the co-main event of Saturday’s UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs. Swanson, saw violent crime take the life of both his younger brother and cousin.

As profiled here at Caged Insider, Green hosted a “Crime Awareness Walk” in his native San Berdardino, California back in October to try and bring change, helping the area “come together as a community”.

Recently, Green reported to FOX Sports that a new group of training partners has “changed his life” – the Diaz brothers, Nick and Nate.

“It’s not many times you get to be around the guys you looked up to in fighting and get to experience how they train and how they do things. It was a very enlightening thing just to get to experience that,” Green said to Damon Martin.

“It was amazing. I got to stay at Nate’s house the whole time. He really treated me like a little brother. I’m just very appreciative. I don’t have words for it.”

Diaz and Green both compete in the lightweight division, but that doesn’t bother Green – who says he will not fight his new friends, for a title or not.

“I’m not here to impress anybody,” Green says. “I’m not here for the belt. I’m here to feed my family and that’s it,” Green said.

“At the end of the day, what is my purpose? My purpose is to make money for my family. My purpose is to honor God and thank him for these talents that he’s given me and that’s it. If it doesn’t fall into those two categories then I don’t have any concern.”