“This is a peace walk… basically just letting our city know that we can’t keep standing for this. There are women being shot. There are elderly people being hurt. It’s like people have no souls. When did we ever get this wrong that it was okay to take life?” — Bobby Green

UFC lightweight contender Bobby Green is known for his hard-punching style in the Octagon. His recent eight-fight winning streak has earned him a top ten ranking in the lightweight division; sending the message that he belongs among the lightweight elite.

But this weekend, Green hopes to deliver another message — this one, of peace.

Earlier this year, Green’s younger brother Mitchell Davis, Jr was killed in a drive by shooting in San Berdardino, California. The incident also claimed the life of a cousin of Green, and injured several others.

On Sunday, Green will host a “Crime Awareness Walk,” beginning at 11 am in Secombe Lake Park in San Bernardino.

In an interview with Heidi Fang of MMA Fight Corner, Green described the walk as “just showing love.”

“This is an event for families to come together as a community and to love each and every person around,” he said. “We’re coming together. This is not anything negative. So if anyone is negative, don’t come. This is positivity. I’m trying to have churches, the police will be there, we all want to have a good time.”

Activities are said to include face painting and jump houses for children, along with a one mile walk through San Bernardino.

In his next bout, Green will face Edson Barboza at the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 57 in Austin, Texas.


Bobby Green hosts a "Crime Awareness Walk" in San Berdardino, CA Sunday.
Bobby Green hosts a “Crime Awareness Walk” in San Berdardino, CA Sunday.