In an interview with Ariel Helwani today on The MMA Hour on MMA, UFC lightweight Bobby Green detailed his personal issues with streaking contender Donald Cerrone.

Cerrone and Green were scheduled to fight next month, but Green was recently bumped in favor of incoming star Eddie Alvarez.

Green described Cerrone as a man he was a “looked up to” prior to meeting him — and that the two share several mutual friends. However, after meeting Cerrone at a UFC Expo event, Green dubbed him “the most obnoxious a–hole I’ve ever met.”

Per Green’s account, Cerrone was boastful and arrogant, warning Green not to try and stand and trade blows with him if they were to ever fight. He also made remarks which Green described as “random racist stuff” — “like, we got to check him (Green), you know, how black people like to steal.”

In a line to sign autographs, Green said, Cerrone was “groping every woman in his line. They were with husbands, boyfriends… in front of these me. It was messed up — just because the dude’s a nerd and can’t do anything to you. I’m like bro, you can’t do this!”

Per Green’s account, Cerrone answered: “What are they going to do with me, I’m Donald Cerrone!”

“I let it go,” Green said, “But I knew there would be a time when we cross paths. I’d get even. But now I lost that opportunity.”

Green was disappointed by the turn of events which led to his bout with Cerrone, but is said to compete again in November. He doesn’t expect to fight Cerrone then — as Green puts it, “That guy’s just going to keep running.”