Boxing promoter Bob Arum felt he had quite a bit to gloat about Saturday Nov. 12 as Pacquiao vs Marquez took place in Las Vegas following the UFC’s debut on Fox, broadcast television.

“For me MMA is garbage and junk, that’s how I feel and I would think that the majority of people of my generation would feel the same … It’s fans are skinheads … It’s horrible, guys rolling around like homosexuals on the ground. It is not a sport, the guys who throw punches can’t throw a punch to save their ass, when the punches land the guys have no chins.”

“They thought they would hurt us,” Arum said of the UFC. “Instead they got hurt because they got buried. But I think the fact they’re just on for an hour helps us.”

“We had so many companies soliciting us wanting to be sponsors not just for a fight, but a series of fights. We’ve had to greatly increase our staff and personnel. Our [Las Vegas] offices are now too small, and we’re in the process of buying our own building, so we can expand and handle the people we have.”

“We’re going to do things next year that you haven’t seen in years. Maybe never.”

“We’re not geniuses trying to be monopolists. We’re just in the business. You can’t keep doing the same old things you were doing which were not successful, and somehow the skies are going to open and it’s going to become successful. You’ve to go out and solicit sponsors and you’ve got to make a real effort to run your business differently.”

Source: NYPost