No surprise that Vitor Belfort’s newly found Blackzillian camp would predict in favor of their latest addition. Check out their reasons why Jones should ‘fear the Vitor.’ Rashad Evans has been linked as Belfort’s main trainer in the camp, as he likely knows Jones the best, coming off a recent loss to the champ. Evans was recently quoted saying that a victory for Vitor would be just like he had defeated Jones  and won the title.

As huge as the odds are against Belfort pulling the victory, their has been bigger upsets. Consider the Matt Serra win over Georges St-Pierre. With a striker like Belfort, he always has the ‘punchers chance.’ With the heart that his team-mates describe it sounds like Belfort will be leaving it all on the line as he goes for the finish against Jones. Surely the camp just hopes to not see a repeat of what happened when Belfort put it all on the line against Anderson Silva.