Eddie Alvarez had taken to twitter yesterday and let loose on all of the problems that he has had with his former employer, Bellator. While he did not go into as much detail as he would have liked (due to the pending lawsuit) the former Bellator champ did touch on issues in pay-per-view matching.Bjorn Rebney did not confirm or deny that they have a lawsuit pending against Alvarez, he did claim that Bellator did match the UFC contract term for term.

“Ed went out and got an offer from the UFC, and we took a look at that offer, reviewed it for about eight days, and decided to match it dollar for dollar, deal point for deal point, term for term.” (MMAWeekly.com)

According to Mike Chiappetta, Alvarez was offered a $250,000 signing bonus along with $70,000 to fight and another $70,000 to win. The sticking point between the two contracts may have been the percentage of pay-per-view buys Alvarez was offered in the UFC contract, because even if Bellator did match that term it’s hard to imagine that Bellator would in fact start expanding with successful pay-per-views in 2013. Bellator currently has no pay-per-view income, nor have they hinted at any paid events in the near future, while the UFC has the ability for fighters to generate money through that extra form of revenue. It is possible that the UFC offered that in the contract, knowing that Bellator could not match it.

What Alvarez did reveal during his interview with the MMA Hour on MMAFighting.com was that behind his smile, his relationship with Bellator was not as bright. He says that this lawsuit was not the first time he had been sued either by the fight promotion. He equated Bjorn Rebney to someone that has two sides to him, because at times he could be on good terms with him and then their relationship could turn sour almost overnight. It is not known what terms, stories, or words are true in this argument, but Dana White was correct in this assessment that the negotiations for Eddie Alvarez were going to be ugly.