BJ Penn is already awaiting his next title defense, and it’s speculated that he will get that fight on April 10th in Abu Dhabi.

“We talked to Dana White. We were trying to get on the March 27 card (UFC 111 in New Jersey). That card already had two title fights on it [Georges St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy and Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin]. It looks like we’ll be fighting April 10 in Abu Dhabi. Nothing is signed, so tentative date, April 10. We’ll see how everything goes. Hope everything goes well.”

This is very exciting news, I really hope the same dominating BJ Penn that we saw in his last title defense against Diego Sanchez is the one we see at his next fight. Question is who will be his next opponent? It is yet to be determined… Gray Maynard? Frank Edgar? Or maybe even a rematch with Gomi?

I personally get more excited hearing rematch with Gomi, however I think Gomi needs a fight or two in UFC before seeing Penn again, and at least one of which needs to be against Kenny Florian, or Diego Sanchez to see if Gomi has what it takes to sell a fight against Penn.