The brash Brit is at it again. Michael Bisping is fired up to take on fellow Orange County, CA fighter Mark Munoz at the upcoming UFC Fight Night in his home country in Manchester, England. “The Count” now counts on Munoz to be his ninth victim to be sent to the hospital, following their bout.

“I’ve sent about eight of my opponents in UFC to hospital after my fights and with him going to make him number nine.”

This of course in response to criticism of not getting the finishes in past fights.

“If he thinks I’ve got pillows for fists I look forward to proving him wrong on the night. I’m going to punch him in the face as many times as possible. It’s all about stopping his take-downs.”

Perhaps even more surprising, Bisping would still love to fight the former long running middleweight champ Anderson Silva, but believes he has a much better style to defeat current champ Chris Weidman.

“I’d love to fight him [Anderson Silva] one day, but I want to get the belt and be champion so I think stylistically Wiedman is a better match up for me. Simply because he’s an unorthodox fighter and I perform better against unorthodox fighters. But I have to take each fight at a time. Whether it’s a title shot or not I want to win a fight. Mark Munoz is the only guy I’m thinking about at this minute.”

Good to hear that despite his ongoing hunt for the belt, he is still focused on the task at hand. My question to anyone willing to take on the challenge — who are the first eight sent to the hospital?