It was an exciting finish in the UFC 148 main event Saturday, but not without controversy. Add Michael Bisping to the list of spectators calling foul in the knee to the grounded Chael Sonnen which helped lead to the victory for the champ.

“It was an illegal knee. Definitely an illegal knee. So maybe it should of been a disqualification. I know a thing or two about illegal knees. Congrats to Anderson Silva, he’s the champ and I want to fight that guy.”

It’s not the first time Bisping has voiced a desire to fight the champ, and it probably won’t be the last. The U.K. brawler admits that he does not posses the same skills that gave Sonnen the advantage over the champ, but still believes his kickboxing will carry him further than Sonnen had gotten.

“It’s easy to say, ‘take Anderson Silva down.’ Chael is an amazing wrestler – he went to the Olympics I think. Not everybody can do that. I’m not that level of wrestler. I can wrestle a little bit, but I’m not Chael Sonnen. But, I can kickbox [much] better than Chael Sonnen can. I won’t get knocked out in the second round like Chael Sonnen did. That’s a fact..

You’re a fool to bet against Anderson. He’s amazing. For me, personally, I want to fight the guy because I want to see how I can do against him. I’ve beat a lot of guys, but I want to fight that guy. I think I can do better. And I’m never going to know that until I get in there with him. Yes, I want to fight him. Yes, I want to get paid for a title shot. Yes, I want the main event. I want all that. For me, personally, for my mind and soul, I want to fight the guy just to know how I would do. I think I can do better than Chael Sonnen did. In fact, I know I can do better than what Chael Sonnen did.”