Michael Bisping is about five weeks out from his October 26th scrap with Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 30, which is a pretty, pretty important scrap for the British fighter, if he hopes to lock up a title shot sometime in 2014. Of course, getting past the the division’s #5 ranked fighter isn’t exactly an easy task, especially because Munoz is a ridiculously talented wrestler with a scary top game.

Not long ago,  Bisping relayed that he believes he’s underrated, and wished Munoz “good luck” in terms of taking him down.  “The Count” has also made it be known that he isn’t too worried about his next opponent’s “Donkey Kong style” and that he thinks Munoz is “one dimensional.” So in other words, Bisping, like most other people, isn’t expecting Munoz to come out with a striking only strategy on October 26.

In  a recent interview with the British outlet The Telegraph, #4 ranked Bisping added about Munoz and their upcoming scrap (which will take place in Manchester, England):

“He’s got no intention of fighting me. He’s going to try to turn this into a wrestling match. He’ll want a wrestle-fest, guaranteed.”

“I’m not shy about making the fight interesting, said Bisping, who also noted that Munoz has “made a couple of comments”. “But ultimately it’s the action that does the real talking. I’m going to say a few things to get under his skin. I always try to make my opponents doubt themselves, a large part of this game is psychological – there’s a huge mental aspect to it.”

Although striking purists might not want to see a ‘wrestle-fest” at UFC FN 30, taking the fight to the mat is likely “The Filipino Wrecking Machine’s” clearest path to victory. If Munoz is able to take Bisping down, and land some blows from above, chances are the rugged vet is going to feel like he’s in a fight.

It’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out, and if Bisping wins, he will have closed out 2013 in impressive fashion, after being finished by Vitor Belfort in January.

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