Michael Bisping may or may not have just earned his long aspired title shot. Defeating top 10 middleweight Brian Stann is no easy task, yet the U.K. standout was able to convince the Montreal  judges that he did enough to earn the decision.

After being rocked in the first by Stann, Bisping changed up his game-plan for round two and three. The U.K. fighter went to his takedowns, earning two in the second and failing most attempts in the final round. In the end Bisping slightly out-struck and out-grappled the All-American.

Official: Michael Bisping defeats Brian Stann via unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Now on a 5-1 run as a perennial middleweight, Bisping has been said by the current champ, Anderson Silva as a worthy adversary. Bisping knows how to sell a fight with his mouth and will likely also be vocal in calling for the title shot until it is official. Though many fans as well as the UFC brass have claimed that Chris Weidman has looked to be more of a threat; the problem for Weidman is Silva does not feel the same.