Michael “The Count” Bisping (22-3, 13-3 UFC)  has defeated his TUF coach adversary, Jason ‘Mayhem‘ Miller (24-8) at The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale at the Palms in Las Vegas, NV. Here is the full play by play.

Round One:
Miller comes out the aggresor with leg kick to a combo. The crowd chant’s “USA” as Mayhem is taken to the cage. Miller gets the plum head control but Bisping cuts out. Miller lands a big over hand right. Mayhem gets a takedown and moves to mount. Bisping does a good job defending as Miller attempts to slip punches in. Bisping wall walks and is now up. Mayhem lands a left jab. Head kick barely misses from Bisping. Mayhem continues to land with unorthodox over hand rights. Round ends and Bisping slouches over.

Round Two:
Miller fails a takedown but slips a knee as he backs. Bisping starts to land with two jabs. Mayhem shoots again and gets it to the fence and holds the single. Bisping circles out and they are back to striking. Bisping walks into an accidental head-butt and stops fighting calling for an eye poke. Ref. Mazagatti allows the time for Bisping to recover. They start and Bisping looks re-energized landing the jab as Miller is seen now bleeding from the nose. Bisping starts putting together combos slowing Miller. To the body, to the face. Bisping lands two knees and continues to tee off.  Miller mocks Bisping as he takes shots.

Round Three:
Mayhem comes forward quickly swinging and Bisping responds with his own onslaught. Mayhem changes levels and fails the takedown. Miller drops and tries to get Bisping to his guard. Bisping asks for the stand up. Bisping continues to jab away. Miller goes for the takedown and almost gets it but Bisping is able to catch himself. Bisping decides to follow Miller down and drop from the top. Big elbows and rights and then finishes with knees to a turtled up Mayhem.

Michael Bisping defeats Jason Miller via TKO – Round 3, 3:34

Bisping now on a four fight tear in the UFC middleweight division is likely knocking on the door for a title shot with current reigning champion Anderson Silva. The shot however is not guaranteed, with names such as Chael Sonnen, Mark Munoz and even Vitor Belfort hovering in the same rankings, it’s possible that the British star will need to finish one more to guarantee his title contention.