Michael “Brash” Bisping may come off as over-confident against his upcoming opponent, who recently almost dethroned champ Jon Jones, but he may have some valid points in his assessment.

“The good thing is Vitor Belfort is the perfect warm-up for Anderson Silva. He’s a southpaw, Anderson’s a southpaw, and they’re both incredible strikers. My skills against a southpaw have definitely improved a lot in this training camp. At the start of the camp I was struggling because things do change due to the stance. But now I’m over those problems. Fingers crossed I get the business done, and then I’ve had the perfect tune-up for Anderson Silva.” – Via ESPN.co.uk


If Bisping is to bring UFC gold to the U.K. for the first time, he will have an uphill battle. Should he get past the veteran “old lion” Vitor Belfort, it may be the rudimentary blueprints to dethroning the longest running champion in the organization.

As for Belfort getting another shot against Silva in a victory, Bisping is quick to point out the unlikeliness of a second title shot.

“I think if Anderson fought Belfort again the outcome might be very different. I’m not saying he’d beat him, but I don’t think Silva would knock him out like he did last time,” the Brit said.

“I’m not saying Anderson got lucky, but Anderson doesn’t want to fight him anytime soon because he knows Belfort’s a tough fight.”