Well, technically he is already out in Hollywood, as filming has begun on the fourth installment of  “The Scorpion King,” titled “The Lost Throne.” The series will now welcome another UFC heavyweight in Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, following in the foot-steps of UFC hall-of-famer Randy Couture, who had starred in “The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior.”

Don’t expect the movie to be a blockbuster however, as it has been announced that it will be a straight to Blu-Ray, DVD and streaming in summer 2014. Silva stands currently 5-4 in the sport after losing his recent title shot against current champ Cain Velasquez at UFC 160. His short hiatus from the Octagon may be just what “Bigfoot” needs to reignite his confidence. Lets hope a “Harry and the Hendersons” remake doesn’t keep Silva away from the sport even longer.