Antonio ‘Big Foot’ Silva, the last man to stop the formerly unstoppable Fedor Emelianenko with viscous ground-and-pound has voiced delight for the recent buyout of his employers by UFC owners Zuffa llc. Silva told MMAJunkie that he would love a shot at the UFC superstar Brock Lesnar.

“It excites me. The UFC is the No. 1 event on earth. The best fighters in the world are there. I would love to fight there. I’d love to fight Brock Lesnar and send him back to pro wrestling because I don’t accept the fact that [he’s] ranked No. 2.”

“It’s not personal; I don’t know Brock. It’s just professional. I fight for my family. I love to fight and I need to fight, so I’ll fight any place and anybody.”

This is not the first time the Strikeforce heavyweight took verbal shots at the former UFC Heavyweight champ as he also went on record calling Lesnar a “fake fighter.”

“Man, I think he must return to his fake fights that it’ll be best for him. I’ve always said that, he’s not a better fighter than Fedor, or Minotauro, or Cigano… He’s not the number one. I’ve said that when Werdum beat Fedor, who would become the number one? To me, it must have been Wedum because he had just beat the number one, but no. they put Brock Lesnar as the first, Werdum on the second place and Fedor in third. For sure now the top position is on good hands because Cain is a great fighter, he’s complete, has proven to have a good ground game, a good Wrestling and h’s a good exchanger. Now it’s on good hands. It was ridiculous for us, fighters, to see Brock Lesnar with only four or five bouts being considered the top athlete on earth, it’s ridiculoius. And people like Cain Velasquez, Cigado, Fedor and Minotauro coming after Brock Lesnar… He’s a fake fighter.”