When you pit two high-level guys with well-rounded games against each other, it often ends up a close one. Such was the case with Benson Henderson versus Jorge Masvidal, which served as the main event for UFC Fight Night 79 and capped off an event full of split decisions and sudden violence.

For all five rounds “Bendo” and “Gamebred” battled judiciously on the feet and on the ground. In the striking realm, Masvidal held true to his kickboxing skills and battered the former lightweight champ with kicks both high and low. He also always seemed to be stalking his opponent – although it invariably meant he was walking into Henderson’s counters.

On the ground, it was as if a plate of Jell-O was fighting a bar of soap. More than once Masvidal went for guillotines that would’ve ended lesser men, only to have Bendo wiggle out. And more than once Henderson achieved a dominant position only to have Masvidal disappear.

The split decision went to Henderson when time ran out, and given the closeness of the fight, it was hard to argue with the result.