Despite a determined effort, Gilbert Melendez was unable to dethrone Benson Henderson tonight in San Jose, as the former Strikeforce champ dropped a razor thin split decision to the UFC Lightweight Champion.

Melendez moved ahead on the scorecards early on, by grabbing hold of several Henderson leg kicks and landing more strikes. After receiving a stern lecture from his corner, Henderson came out more aggressively in round two, and began timing his leg kicks more effectively.

The middle rounds featured plenty of entertaining scrambles and striking exchanges, and while Henderson landed more often, Melendez continued pushing the champ until the final bell. Very close bout but Henderson likely had the edge.

After the fight concluded, and the split decision was handed to Henderson, the San Jose crowd hurled boos at the champion as he proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes, by the way, handing Henderson his second win of the evening.

Official result:

Benson Henderson defeats Gilbert Melendez via split decision (48-47, 48-47, 47-48)