For most fighters, if they won seven straight bouts, defeated several of the planet’s top ranked competitors, and won a UFC title along the way, chances are their bandwagon would be overflowing with supporters. In the case of Benson Henderson, however, the lightweight champ continues to catch fire from critics, due to the fact his latest run is built on decision wins (and yes, a couple which were ridiculously close fights).

So, as Henderson heads into his rematch with Anthony Pettis, who has been known to take out out an opponent or two in highlight reel fashion, the champion continues to field questions about his approach to fighting. It should also be noted that “Showtime” has said he’s not a “fan” of Henderson’s style, which he claims is designed  to just “win the rounds, and keep his belt. ”

At a press conference Thursday to promote UFC 164, here’s some of what Henderson had to say, when asked once again about the strategy he uses to win fights (which he’s done 19 times to date in 21 fights) (comments via MMA

“What it all boils down to is getting your hand raised. Whether you do it impressively, emphatically, whether you do it by split decision or whatever the case may be,” Henderson said.

“I’m always after beating the guy up,” Henderson continued. “I always want to beat the guy up. I don’t care about judges or decisions or this or that. I just want to go out there and beat the guy up.”

Winning is supposedly what fighting is about afterall,  but as Georges St. Pierre knows, fans want to see finishes even if you’re facing the sport’s best every time out. If Henderson wins Saturday, he’ll set a new title defense record for the lightweight title (at four).

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