Hope that headline isn’t close to home for you. UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson makes an excellent point on what makes fighters great. It’s not always the brawn of a larger fighter decimating his weaker opponent. Many times it is the heart of a Frankie Edgar, a Joe Lauzon and many others that have proven the point. If you’re ‘mentally weak‘ enough to need to take a steroid, according to the champ, you’ve already lost to him, before even stepping in the cage.

“My thing with the whole steroid thing and whatnot — like I understand part of a competitors nature is to take whatever edge, whatever advantage you can get to be the best. To that I just say if I’m facing a person – it happened in college wrestling, sadly it shouldn’t, but it happened in college wrestling people on steroids and whatnot. But if I know someone is mentally weak enough to take steroids, ‘Oh, I need the extra edge, I need to do this’, and they know it’s illegal, they know it’s wrong and they do it. If you’re so mentally weak that you have to take steroids, me five-rounds in the cage with you, I will destroy you. Cause you are mentally weak. So I’m all for it, if you want to take drugs go ahead and take drugs I don’t really care but I’m going to whoop your butt because you are mentally weak and that’s where you win fights in the mental stage. If you’re weak enough to break down, I’m going to kill you.”