Benson Henderson answered the question that the MMA world was waiting for yesterday.

No, not the question about whether he would stay at welterweight or return to lightweight. It seems he made that decision already. The former 155 lb kingpin has enjoyed two strong showings at welter this year, including a decision win over Jorge Masvidal last month in South Korea, and seems happy at 170.

Oh — and no, not that question about whether he plans to stay in the UFC, or bolt for an Asian promotion, as has been rumored. Henderson, who is of Korean origins on his maternal line, is said to have been courted by South Korea-based ROAD FC in recent weeks. But no word there, either.

No, we mean the big burning question.

What brand toothpick does Ben Henderson endorse?

On his Instagram page, the man they call “Smooth” — who controversially bites down on a toothpick throughout his MMA bouts (and grappling matches, for that matter) — ended all speculation with this post:

If you don’t already know about worthy and fulsome toothpicks, allow me to introduce you, I give you @Daneson…I gotta have top quality in my training gear, @everlast, and my personal life, hold yourself to higher standards…

So, there you have it. There’s no word if the sponsorship is official with Daneson, but we can confirm Henderson enjoys their toothpicks.

Props to our friends at for breaking this story.