Former WEC champion Ben Henderson defeats Canadian, Mark Bocek at UFC 129 (Apr. 30) at the Rogers Centre in Toronto Canada. The fast-paced Henderson was able to pull off the decision working the mid-section throughout all three rounds.  Henderson bounces back from a loss to Anthony Pettis on the last ever WEC card. Here’s the Henderson – Bocek play by play .

Round one:
Bocek clinches Henderson against the fence and Henderson quickly turns him and pins. Bocek pushes off. No advance and Judge Yves Lavigne seperates the two and resets in the middle. Henderson lands a high kick. Henderson lands a straight right and starts to try to pick from the outside. Bocek gets the double leg with Henderson landing in the butterfly. Bocek gets through the butterfly and grinds as the first round ends.

Round Two:
The two collide with Bocek getting the takedown. Henderson almost pulling off the guillotine but Bocek is able to slip out. The two stand, and now Henderson gets a takedown with a trip. The two work back to standing and Henderson gets under hooks. Bocek locks up a tight anaconda but Henderson flips out and Henderson clips Bocek on the way up. Blood starts to flow as the round ends.

Round Three:
Quickly Bocek shoots and Henderson goes for the guillotine on the way down. Henderson slips up and rains down punches from the top on the grounded opponent. Bocek sweeps and almost gets the back but Henderson slips away. Henderson stops the takedown attempt and follows with knees to the mid-section. As the round comes to the end Bocek attempts a guillotine. Bocek slips out and starts nailing him.

Henderson wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Henderson now carries notable wins over Mark Bocek, Donald Cerrrone (2x), Jamie Varner, Shane Roller, Anthony Njokuani, and Diego Saraiva.