If you know the fighting style of 209 fighters Nick and Nate Diaz, you know a big part of their fighting tactics is to get into their opponents head in battle with trash talk. From demeaning open hand slaps to calling their opponents ‘a bitch‘ in battle, the Diaz brothers have made many opponents in the past play right into their game. This is something the UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson is aware of and is preparing for.

“We’re definitely trying to prepare for his physical tools. His long reach, his boxing style that he has, but the biggest thing I had a hard time with so far – to be honest is we had my team-mates talk a little trash inside the octagon and have me stay calm. I actually have a hard time with that. Someone talks trash to me, I wanna talk trash back. I get emotional back to them. So I’ve been working on staying calm and collected and still doing my technique and not fall into his game. I gotta get a little more work on that though.”

Henderson and Diaz are scheduled to go to battle on Dec. 8th in Seattle for UFC on Fox 5. Check your local listing for times. Make sure to check back as we will be covering the event with play by play and live results of the event as usual.