If you thought Dana White’s adamant statements that Vitor Belfort won’t challenge newly crowned champ Chris Weidman first, was going to stop “The Phenom’s” title shot campaign, you would be wrong. Of course, since Silva hasn’t said he wants a rematch with Weidman and has instead relayed he’s taking some time off, no one should be surprised to hear that Belfort is still at it.

The feared striker appeared on the latest edition of The MMA Hour Monday, and not surprisingly, Belfort once again plead his case as to why he should challenge for the belt. In addition, the vet argued that perhaps “rules” need to be enacted, which would ensure contenders can get a title shot. What’s particularly interesting, is that Belfort also contended that more fans would like to see him fight Weidman next, rather than Silva.

“I really believe Anderson deserves another chance at the title, but I think there’d be more interest in me and Chris, and then the winner will take Anderson. I think that’d be more sellable,”

“Anderson has to rest. He doesn’t want to make any decision before that, and I respect what he did for the sport. But we cannot stop. We cannot stop a division because someone is waiting for a fighter to make a decision. What makes sense is me and Chris to fight. We could make that fight right now. We could sign the papers, sign the contract next week.”

Now, there’s little doubt that if Silva-Weidman II gets announced tomorrow, thousands of fans will be jumping for joy. If Silva remains non-committal and on the sidelines for too long, however, then more people could come around to the idea of Belfort fighting Weidman.

And in terms of Silva’s much debated, taunting tactics Saturday? Belfort believes the legend “acted inappropriately and it wasn’t the first time.”