“The Phenom” is back in the title picture. UFC president Dana White clarifies that it’s Vitor Belfort who is set to take on the winner of the upcoming Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II bout. Yes — Belfort was a hard sell in the past for the organization as he got knocked out by Silva with a front kick early in the fight. With Belfort’s current run, that is no longer an issue says White and Silva’s manager.

“(Ed) Soares was telling me that Anderson absolutely thinks Vitor deserves another shot.  The next move for him will be Vitor Belfort,” White revealed.

Of course, we may have a retaining champ, which is also unquestionably Belfort’s assignment.

“If Anderson Silva doesn’t win this fight, Chris Weidman and Vitor,” White confirmed.

White also adds that the talks of Anderson winning his belt back and taking on boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. is in a boxing ring and would not interfere with Belfort.

“Let’s just clarify, the match with Roy Jones Jr. is a boxing match.  It’s not even an MMA fight if this thing ever came to fruition,” White said.  “It’s just a boxing match, and it’s not like it would be a 12 round match.  These guys want to box.”