In regards to talks of a ‘super-fight’ between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre, and or Jon Jones, Vitor Belfort has some insight he would like to share. Fighting both Silva and Jones, Belfort does know the skill-set of both men first hand. His assessment? Anderson wins all.

“Anderson vs. GSP is meaningless. It would make sense if Anderson fought Jon Jones. Anderson is a fighter at another level. I’m not underestimating Jones but appraising Anderson. He’s one of the best that has existed, I always thought it,” he told Por Dentro da Arena in his native Brazil.

“It is very nice to see his success. I know what he has gone through. Anderson is in a very high level and should defend his belt or fight for the light heavyweight title. I think he has a greater possibility to beat Jones. He would win on the feet.” –  via Oglobo (Portuguese)

No grudges here. It’s no surprise to hear a Brazilian picking fellow Brazilians in match-ups, as the love for their fellow countrymen is always apparent.