UFC President Dana White may have relayed this week that convincing Anderson Silva to fight Vitor Belfort again will be tough going, but that hasn’t stopped the latter from continuing, and even stepping up his title shot campaign. As you likely know, Belfort has been driving hard to the finish line for weeks now, in an effort to secure a bout with the winner of tonight’s UFC 162 headliner between Silva and Chris Weidman. Despite the fact Belfort’s gone 4-0 at middleweight now since he was blasted by Silva in 2011, White doesn’t think Silva’s too interested in rematching the vet, especially at this stage of his career.

Well, Belfort took to Twitter recently to plead his case one more time, as to why he’s pretty certain he’s deserving of a title shot. Here is some of what the punishing striker had to say.

It’s incredible how it seems as though Silva is the one picking his opponents. Think about this: Cain got knocked out in a devastating loss to Cigano, and after one fight he gets another title shot. Then after being massacred by Velasquez for 5 rounds, now Cigano gets another chance for the title… My spot is the highest of any division contender in the UFC, and it is only logical and fair for me to be given a shot at the title. Why is it that I don’t have a title shot? Just because one time, Anderson happened to land a kick?! I can assure you that given a second chance, that would never happen again. I have proven myself over and over.

It seems that Anderson wants to go on and do super fights or whatever. How can he think of doing a super fight right now when he has a contender of my caliber waiting to compete for the belt. I have no problem with super fights, as long as they don’t tie up the belt from other great contenders who deserve a chance to accomplish the greatest moments of their career.

I deserve more respect for what I have done, am still doing, and am about to do. Come on – they even say that it makes more sense for Silva to fight Hendo??? What a joke! I trust that if Anderson keeps the belt on Saturday night or if Chris Weidman wins, they will accept the challenge to fight me next, because I earned the spot. Dana White, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

So, doesn’t sound like Belfort’s given much more thought to that fight call out from Gegard Mousasi does it?

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