Finally, after weeks of drama, discussion and proposed fights, Vitor Belfort is scheduled to fight Dan Henderson on November 9th. It’s an all-star bout, which might make people forget that Belfort was reportedly offered fights with Tim Kennedy and Lyoto Machida, and that “The Phenom” was gunning for Chael Sonnen. “The American Gangsta” certainly seemed interested in fighting Belfort, but in the end, the fight never materialized.

Well, regardless of why the fight never got booked (Sonnen just fought “Shogun” Rua of course, and also said that he would fight Belfort if his #1 contender spot was on the line), Belfort is claiming the outspoken vet wasn’t too pumped to fight him after all. Surprised? Curious as to why Belfort would say that? Well, in a recent appearance on “The MMA Hour”, the vaunted striker stated:

“He was really relieved that the UFC didn’t give him to me,” Belfort said. “He was like ‘I’m glad I don’t have to fight Vitor.’ We have friends in common and one time he was on his camp and (Sonnen) said ‘one of the guys I’d never like to fight is Vitor Belfort.’ I’m cool, man. He’s around, I’m around. One day he’ll have to face me. It’ll be a great fight. One day. Who knows?”

Huh. It will be interesting to hear what Sonnen’s reaction is to this claim no? And as far as the bout happening at some point, it’s likely, but depending on what happens in each man’s upcoming fights it might not happen any time soon. And what did Belfort think of Sonnnen’s first round, submission win over Rua at UFC FN 26?

“I’m not surprised, Shogun made a mistake,” he said. “But it’s a fight, things can happen. You have to be focused and don’t make mistakes. Every wrestler has a strong guillotine and when you make mistakes and the other capitalizes … It’s MMA. You have to be alert all the time.”

Yes you do. Stay tuned to Caged for all your UFC news and coverage.