Vitor Belfort continues to look dominant in his third straight finish in the octagon. His victim this time being former Pride FC champ Dan Henderson, as he makes quick work of him in Goiania, Brazil for UFC Fight Night 32. The official stoppage comes at 1:17 of the first after Vitor plants a kick on the chin of “Hendo,” causing referee Dan¬†Mirgliotta to step in.

The short fight consisted of two knockdowns. The first being an uppercut landed by Belfort as Hendo attempted to feint two H-bombs on his rush in the pocket. The second came after Hendo’s attempt to stand, only to run into a kick to the head that had him crumpling like a pretzel. Belfort followed up with elementary shots, however they were unneeded as Hendo’s locked posture was all Mirgliotta needed to see to intervene.

With three straight wins after losing a near-win to light heavyweight champ Jon Jones, it’s getting hard to deny that “The Phenom” is primed for another title shot. The middleweight title may already be in contention, (by former long running champ Anderson Silva, as he looks to regain the title at UFC 168¬† on Dec. 28) but with Belfort in second rankings prior to the victory, you can bet that we can see a Brazilian fighting in a title fight in 2014.