The Nevada State Athletic Commission has released their lists of athletes facing medical suspension following UFC 187, and, as usual, it’s a lengthy one.

A total of fifteen fighters are listed — including all four combatants in the evening’s main event and co-main events:

  • Vitor Belfort will be out 45 days minimum, and will need to have his left shoulder cleared by a doctor. He faces a six month suspension if not.
  • Anthony Johnson is suspended for 45 days due to a cut over his left eyebrow.
  • Chris Weidman is suspended for 45 days, also due to a cut over his left eyebrow.
  • Daniel Cormier will require a follow up MRI, or he will be suspended six months.

Other suspended athletes include the particulars in the UFC 187 “Fight of the Night.”

Andrei Arlovski, who won the bout via first round TKO, will need to have his left shoulder cleared by officials or he will be out until November.

Travis Browne, who found himself an upset victim despite knocking Arlovski to the canvas at one point, was suspended a minimum of 60 days. He suffered a broken nose in the fight and will need to have that injury cleared by officials — or he’s suspended until November.

Only one other fighter who competed at UFC 187 was suspended for more than one month: John Makadessi. Makadessi, who suffered a broken jaw in his bout against Donald Cerrone, is suspended for 45 days; and will have to get his jaw cleared or be suspended until November.