Alan Belcher is currently in preparation for a showdown with Michael “The Count” Bisping on April 27th at UFC 159 in Newark, New Jersey. When recently asked by the UFC about his upcoming opponent, Belcher had no problem admitting the importance of his biggest named opponent to date.

“This fight is just like, you know, the biggest fight of my life,” Belcher admitted during a pre-fight interview with “We both have a lot on the line for this one, we’re both getting close to a title shot, so a loss could be detrimental…”

In the same token, “The Talent” used the platform to point out his opponents lack of knockouts in his career as of late.

I think that my skill-set and all the different weapons I have, along with my power, is going to be the difference in the fight. I have no doubt in my mind that Bisping could not knock me out with his best punch if I let him. There’s no way that I am going to get hurt in this fight and that I’m going to go down.”