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Anyone remember Elvis Sinosic? He was a jiu-jitsu guy from Australia, and back when Zuffa first bought the UFC, Sinosic did the worst thing possible for his career: he tapped out Jeremy Horn. You see, that win elevated Sinosic to light-heavyweight contender status, put him in the cage with Tito Ortiz, and after losing that one, put him in the cage with some other dudes he wasn’t ready for. If Horn had instead defeated Sinosic (like everyone thought he would), maybe he would’ve lost the Ortiz fight, but Horn was better equipped and more experienced and would’ve likely beaten some of those fighters who smashed Sinosic.

Lauren Murphy is Elvis Sinosic.

She earned a title shot in Invicta FC by going 2-0, and then she won the belt when her opponent got injured. That propelled Murphy into the UFC, and, well… things haven’t gone so swimmingly for her since.

Don’t get me wrong, Murphy is tough. Probably too tough for her own good. But she’s not especially great in any one area. So she went 1-3 in the UFC, and now she’s on TUF 26. And she’s losing. And she’s beefing with her coach, Eddie Alvarez.

Here’s MMAFighting:

Murphy laid into Alvarez, her The Ultimate Fighter 26 coach, in an expletive-laden interview on Wednesday night’s episode of the reality show, which aired on FS1. Murphy fell in the first round of the TUF 26 women’s flyweight title tournament to Nicco Montaño and was emotional afterward, not coming to Team Alvarez’s training session the morning after the fight.

Alvarez chided Murphy when she got to the afternoon session and, in an interview taped later, Murphy ripped into Alvarez and explained her view of the situation.

“Eddie met me super recently,” Murphy said. “He doesn’t know anything about me. I’m doing my best here and if I need two hours to process the fact that I just blew my shot at the UFC title, like give me two f*cking hours by myself to cry it out and f*cking think about it and miss my husband and miss my kid and figure out how I’m gonna explain to them that I f*cking blew it without somebody like correcting my boxing technique. For two f*cking hours. I don’t think that’s asking so much, I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request the day after I just fought my f*cking ass off in the cage.

“So don’t f*cking get on my ass or send out a bunch of bad energy because I didn’t go out to the gym this f*cking morning when you wanted me to. Like, I should be there immediately. I felt like I got hit by a f*cking bus this morning. F*ck.”