MMA legend Bas Rutten did a little “fantasy booking” recently, regarding perhaps the greatest heavyweight of all time, and (arguably) the greatest light heavyweight of all time.

And the funny thing is, it all seems pretty plausible.

Rutten, who entered the UFC Hall of Fame earlier this month, spoke to Submission Radio about longtime PRIDE FC heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko’s return to MMA. According to Rutten, “The Last Emperor” would be best served signing with the UFC and giving a new weight class a try: light heavyweight.

Rutten was asked about the new drug testing policy — including the banning of testosterone replacement therapy.

“Yeah it will help him,” Rutten said. “I also think, he shouldn’t be fighting at the heavyweight. The guy is like 225 pounds; you (can) lose fifteen pounds or something and then fight at 205. What an animal he would be at that [weight]. But then, again he probably fights at the weight that he feels most comfortable, and I think against “Bigfoot” (Antonio Silva), if you have a guy who cuts down from 285 to 265, who was on the day of the fight 275 again, and then you’re 230 pounds or maybe a little less and the guy has technique and he sits on top of you and he has control. Yeah that’s just a lot of weight difference.”

Rutten likes the idea of Fedor at light heavyweight enough to consider a fight with Jon Jones — should Jones be cleared of his legal troubles.

And if it happens, he’s picking Fedor.

“If (Jon) Jones goes back, he’s an animal too,” Rutten admitted. “But when I think about Fedor, I see him just crushing people in Japan. I picture myself THAT Fedor coming back, I think sky’s the limit for him. You know, even a Jon Jones. He always finds a way to win. Look at the Arlovski fight. Arlovski was doing really well, and then this one punch finished it all. And the way he punches against the Brett Rogers fight. Watch that in slow-motion where his punch leaves. Every fighter, pretty much all of them, they load up their punch. He’s just holding it in mid air in front of him, and from there, ‘Boop’. Suddenly the punch comes out and it nails him right on the button, super powerful, drops him with one shot. So any guy like that is just a dangerous guy.”

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